Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Year End Activities

3rd graders made reflection flowers about their school year.

Each class visited the younger classes to answer questions about next year, for example, in this picture, the 5th graders visited the 4th graders to talk about what to expect next year.

2nd Graders made a year book to capture their favorite memories from 2nd grade! 

Each student in the building got a personalized note from a staff member the last day before school.

Side Walk Chalk Memories with K-3

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Office Updates!

Since we are on this new journey of becoming a Leader In Me School I have been taking the time to decorate outside my office. Here are some things I have done so far. Not much but it's a start.  One of the goals for our school is to make our environment more welcoming.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reason #6,456,899 I love my Job!

I received many cute gifts last week for Valentine's Day, but this one was my favorite!  He also gave me a flower! I never thought that it was possible to love getting up every morning and going to a job that I love.  I am also so lucky to have a supportive staff and great students!! (they make my job easy)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Office Ideas for Next Year...

I am already starting to think about next year....I guess it's because during the year I feel like I have NO time to change things up in my office.  I am excited about some of these ideas...And to be honest I still may try to do these soon...especially this first one for organizational purposes..

Career Lessons

I would have to say that my most difficult task so far this year has been coming up with career lessons for K-5.  I am wrapping up my career unit now, so I am reflecting on what worked well and what didn't.  Here's what did go well and what I would recommend:


This site was very useful and the kids loved it!  I allowed grades 2-5 to play around on this site to explore new careers.  The games were so much fun and doing them with partners seemed to work best.  I had the 4th graders come in to help the 2nd graders and that was again such a great idea!  They worked so well together.

Paws in Jobland
This site was fun for students as well.  The kids loved playing around on this site, but it was hard for me to keep track of their progress.  I liked this site because the students could use headphones to listen to the program talk to them.

O*Net Online
This site was also very useful for 6th grade.  They look the interest profiler and from there picked a career they wanted to learn more about.  Then they created a powerpoint on that job to share with the class.  I partnered with the LA teacher and she then had them do resumes on the career they picked.  That worked out so well.  I was very happy with that collaboration.  Now, we are working on cover letters and applications.  I will update on that at a later date.

For K-2 I mostly focused on Community Helpers.  I found a few good videos on Learn360, which is a good resource.  My main goal for K-2 is to have the understanding of what people do for different jobs and the names of those jobs.  I have noticed a lot of them don't know the correct label for certain jobs such as a car repair man is called a mechanic.  So, next time I will focus more on that.

3-5 loved Career Charades.  I made a list of different careers and put them in a jar.  The students were put into two teams and their teammates had to guess the career they acted out with a partner.  It was a lot of fun.

The other activity that went well with 3-5 was the ABC Career activity.  The students were put into groups of three and were given a sheet with A to Z listed.  The teams had to come up with a career that started with every letter.  This sparked a good discussion about that are the actual names of different careers.


  • I want to focus more on community helpers with K-2 but also continue to use Learn 360 
  • Continue to use VaCareerView 
  • Continue to use Paws in Jobland for the assessment part only. 
  • Ask the LA teacher to take over the cover letter part of the lessons in 6th grade.  We don't have enough time to cover it all since I only see them once every other week. 
  • Maybe move this unit towards the end of the year. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

National School Counselor Week

Happy National School Counselor Week!!

Here's how I am celebrating at my school: 

1.  I put a write up to bring awareness to the week in our school newsletter. 
2.  During Class Visits this week, the students are guessing how many Legos are in my jar. Then I ask the students how are School Counselors like Legos? (They help put it all together). Whoever is closest to the number will get a pencil with "school counselors, people who care". 
3.  I handed out to my staff a Resse's candy and a message with it that says, "have I told you ressesently how much I love being your counselor?" 

I am so lucky to have a job that I love. I can't see myself ever doing anything else. I am truly blessed to have found a career that I'm passionate about. 

Study Table Update!

Week one: 9 students 
Week two: 18 students 

We are making progress!! Hoping next week the number doubles again!